What to avoid when designing a good logo

What to avoid when designing a good logo

January 22, 2018
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Don’t copy – Design a unique logo

How does a logo successfully become a brand’s identity? By being unique and identifiable. Consider Apple computer’s case, a minor change has transformed an otherwise dull apple into one of the most iconic logo images today! This is how one achieves uniqueness and prominence – instead of trying too hard, the aim is to think out-of-the-box, and bring mundane objects into the mold of uniqueness.

Do not underestimate the power of color

Color is a fundamental part of any visual representation. Quite Often, designers tend to overlook the importance of the proper use of colors. Colors have the power to affect feelings and emotions, therefore, your choice of color should be made on the basis of the target demographic of customers. Consider the facts regarding age, gender, profession and cultural orientation of the target audience, mold it according to your artistic ability, and you will find the perfect color palette for your logo!

Don’t underestimate custom typography

When it comes to unique logo design, you must use a typeface that is unique. A custom hand-drawn typeface is way better than most gorgeous fonts available in the market. Using easily available font in the logo make it vulnerable to illegal copying. Moreover, custom lettering is far more identifiable in a logo than a font that is already commercially available. Coca-Cola, anyone?

Do not overthink – Don’t fall in cool logo creation trap

Innovation is a wonderful thing; you can experiment a lot and come up with many fantastic ideas for your logo. However, everything has its limits. You innovation abilities definitely are limitless, but their practical usage is often limited by the purpose and scope associated with a given product. Over-experimentation can result in a logo that is gorgeous to look at, but is not identifiable with the company itself. Always remember, a logo is not an art masterpiece. Instead, your aim should be to make the logo both identifiable and easily associated with the brand. At the end of the day, your design should be something the customers can identify and the company can ‘own’. If you can accomplish that, your logo design is a success, irrespective of it being generic or innovative.

Don’t be predictable

Make sure your logo is worth-watching and most importantly, tells a story. At a first glance, your logo should promote the brand’s identity. However, not too loud so that if your logo is about a company that makes winter sports gear, it shouldn’t shout out “snow”. It should be suggestive of something like speed, fun, challenge and tough weather or condition, but refrain from mentioning snow or the equipment directly.

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